Ebury - Evolution of Digital Banking

April 30, 2019

In a digital world where countries are seamlessly connected by the click of a button, payment and banking systems need to adapt in order to keep up. Financial technology, or fintech, is a growing industry aimed at changing the way financial transactions are conducted online to make the process effortless while maintaining the highest levels of security and confidentiality.
Ebury is a pioneer in the fintech sphere. Founded in 2012, the firm makes online payments and foreign exchange transactions easier than ever. Combining cloud-based technology with a vast international network, Ebury helps corporations and individuals across the globe manage all of their financial activity at an attractive and very competitive price point. The firm’s API integrates with the systems used by clients to automate the transaction management using secure encryption and in-built fail-safes to keep customer data secure.
The two core services offered by Ebury are mass payments and foreign exchange risk management. Through their mass payment services, companies can manage transactions in over 140 currencies worldwide without having to open a local currency account. Payments of any scale can be managed easily and swiftly. Ebury automates processes where possible, saving manpower and ultimately time in sending and receiving payments. The firm stays on top of all international regulations to ensure that there are no legal hurdles or violations when making payments, and also keeps a constantly updated database of international agencies to help detect and manage any red flags that might pop up during the payment process.
Another key component of the services provided by Ebury is foreign exchange risk management. Working with companies across the globe, Ebury helps them manage all of their international payments. A dedicated foreign exchange consultant is assigned to each client in order to facilitate the process and provide end-to-end support. By developing a thorough understanding of client requirements and accounting for external factors such as changes in currency rate, the most ideal solution can be implemented that protects the client’s bottom line. The strictest regulations of risk management and government compliance are adhered to so that each transaction can be completely secure and hassle-free.
Ebury also has a private client advisory division for high-net worth individuals who are buying or selling assets overseas. Through this service, the client works alongside a dedicated advisor who
keeps track of market trends and offers tailored insights that result in effortless transactions. Prices are locked in based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase, so that any fluctuation in currency will not affect the value of the purchase.
As more transactions are conducted online, there is a strong need for fast and secure payment systems, especially when dealing with transactions of high value. Fintech firms like Ebury help to knit the world together more tightly, providing instantaneous and secure financial solutions.